About Heaven Laughs …

I graduated from Regent University in 1996, earning master’s degrees in Education and in Communication. As part of the requirements for my Communication degree, I wrote a thesis on the topic of laughter as a communication phenomenon. I gave it the clumsily scholarly sounding title, The Salience of Heart Attitude, Perceived Glory, and Freedom to the Nature of Laughter in Scripture.

Yeah, I used the word “salience.” Hm. Kinda precocious.

Anyway …

Over the course of my investigation, I built on a foundation of existing research, and then drawing from Scripture, I came to believe that laughter emerges from a sense of glory, a glory that is strongly correlated with freedom. And that freedom can tend toward either good or bad, right or wrong, honorable or dishonorable, virtuous or vicious … OK, you get the idea … based on the heart attitude that’s associated with that sense of freedom.

You can go through the chapters in order, or just jump around to a topic that interests you:

I invite you to read through (or scan or search) the chapters of my thesis, to wrestle with the examples I provide from Scripture, and to consider the theories I put forth on the topic. I encourage you to build on what you find helpful as you consider the role of laughter in the life that we’ve been given.

After all, he who sits in heaven laughs. How should we then laugh?

Ted Slater

Heaven Laughs, by Ted Slater